Today in the city Patagonia 16.01.2018
I drank as much Diet Coke as I could for a week — and I saw why Coca-Cola made massive changes to the brand

As part of a trial of eating like President Donald Trump, I drank as much Diet Coke as I could for a week. I never grew to like the drink, and by the end, I really grew to dislike it. Diet Coke is in...

People are stockpiling special pills to guard against radioactive fallout — but here's what you actually need in a nuclear survival kit

Sales of potassium iodide or KI pills, which are often marketed as protecting the body from radioactive fallout, are soaring. But radiation health experts say the pills aren't really helpful in the af...

Trump's tweets are making people so worried about nuclear war that sales of an anti-radiation drug have skyrocketed

Sales of the anti-radiation drug potassium iodide have dramatically increased since the beginning of 2018. The drug prevents damage to the thyroid gland from radioactive chemicals released during a nu...

Bill Gates says investing in cancer therapies could 'control all infectious disease'

Bill Gates said in a recent keynote address that he's confident the world will develop cancer therapies that can "control all infectious diseases." Together with his wife Melinda, the couple has inves...

The Attack On Patagonia Is An Attack On American Sportsmen And Women

The shrinking of the Monuments—most of which allow hunting and fishing—comes at the expense of the American public, in general, and American sportsmen, in specific.

This new weapons sensor could be the next breakthrough in security

Keeping weapons out of Las Vegas casinos is a top priority for resort operators, said Robbie Gonzalez in Wired. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino is testing a "discreet weapon-sensing device"...

5 great jackets for this freezing cold weather

1. Patagonia Micro Puff ($299) Manufacturers have finally developed synthetic waterproof fibers as warm as 800-fill down, and the best of the new crop of jackets is this Patagonia hoodie. It's $50 le...

Rob Bishop Continues His Taxpayer-Funded Feud With Patagonia

The Utah representative accused the company's CEO of "living in a bubble" after he declined an invitation to testify.

The BBC in Pidgin? People Like It Well-Well

The British broadcaster, once a bastion of “received pronunciation,” has learned that if it wants to reach new audiences, it needs to try new approaches.

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